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Weifang KDN Biotech is a national high-tech enterprise, dedicated to enzyme R&D and production, with main products covering phytase, cellulase, xylanase, protease and etc.


Certified by ISO 9001 and GB/T 22000, KOSHER, HALAL;

Implement 5S field management system.


Shandong Enterprise Academician Expert Workstation,

National Key Enzyme Manufacturing Enterprise,

National Microbial Production High-Tech Industrialization Demonstration


Heat resistant phytase is No.1 in China; Performance of neutral cellulase is excellent, and has taken over significant market share of Chinese textile industry

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Shandong Vland Biotech Co.,Ltd. is a leading probiotics manufacturer, with state-of-the-art fermentation facilities and technologies in China.


High-tech enterprise, Vice-Chairman member of China Fermentation Industry Association, Divisional Governing Unit of China Animal Probiotic Association, National Agriculture Probiotics demonstration Base, Provincial Technology Center


The main products are freeze-dried lactobacillus, B. subtilis, B.licheniformis, Clostridium Butyricum;cover 20% China market share; exported to many Asian countries.


We provide OEM/ODM production services. Once customer approval is received we then source the materials and carry out production at our factory or contract it to our manufacturing partners all over the world. We do have mature experience for many world famous brands in our industry.


At both our in-house factory and at our partners' factories, we hold the responsibility to perform checks to guarantee that all specifications are followed, that quantities match the order, and that the production setup is optimized.


We can help you even if you do not have a specific image in mind. We will provide you with a product proposal that is ideal for your requests and needs, having taken into account all aspects of material properties, processing methods, applications, and costs.


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The group employs 26 Ph.Ds and nearly 300 associates with Master's degrees.


Vland has built close relationship with Tsinghua University, TIB of CAS, QIBEBT of CAS, CAAS, China Agricultural University, Shangdong University, Nanjing Agricultural University, East China University of Science and Technology and Jiangnan University.


Vland established a global R&D network and collaborated with research institutes and companies in 20 countries, including USA, Russia, Japan and Europe.


Vland is the only Chinese enzyme enterprise equipped with HTS. Improve the screening efficiency, and shorten the development times of the new products.

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