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The Great Love of Vland in Fighting against COVID-19 --Vland donates RMB 1 million in cash and RMB 200,000 worth of probiotics

May 19, 2021

At the beginning of 2020, the suddenoutbreak of the novel coronavirus epidemic affected 1.4 billion Chinese people.The people of the whole country united as one to fight against the pandemic.While working hard for epidemic prevention, Vland actively fulfilled its socialresponsibilities. On February 6, 2020, it donated 1 million yuan in cash toQingdao Laoshan Red Cross and 200,000 yuan worth of probiotic products toQingdao Women and Children's Hospital, aiming to contribute to the fightagainst COVID-19.


When the epidemic broke out, Vland launchedan emergency response programme and took the epidemic prevention and control asan important task. Vland’s President Chen Gang held an online video conferenceto discuss and arrange the epidemic prevention work of all business units. Itwas emphasized in the meeting that all business units must implement their ownepidemic prevention mechanism, meet the requirements of government departmentsfor resumption of work and production, ensure their own needs of production andlife and satisfy the demands for industrial production and people’s life. It wasalso mentioned that all business units must clarify their responsibilities,stockpile enough protective materials, launch disinfection campaign, establisha daily reporting system as well as formulate prevention and control measures, detailedimplementation rules and employee manuals, thus effectively protectingemployees' health and ensuring the stability of production.


In the face of the epidemic, we are unifiedas one. Vland pays tribute to everyone on the frontline to fight against theepidemic and firmly believes that the Chinese people will overcome thedifficulties and win the war against COVID-19! Stay Strong, China! Stay Strong,Wuhan!