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Cost-effective complex detergent granular enzymes for washing powder production

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KDN
Certification: ISO/HALAL/KOSHER
Model Number: Kleenzyme
Minimum Order Quantity: 35kg/drum
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: 35kg/drum
Delivery Time: 14 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 10000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
Type: Detergent Grade Enzyme Function: Increase Cleaning Effiency
Appearance: Grey White Granular Main Function: Upgrade The Cleaning Efficiency
Package: 35kg/drum Certificate: ISO HALAL GMP
Shelf Life: 12 Months Port: Qingdao
CAS: 9014-01-1
High Light:

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Product Description


Kleenzyme complex enzyme( 6 single enzymes) is a granular blend enzyme containing protease, amylase, pectate lyase, lipase, cellulase and mannanase designed to be used in the formulation of powder detergent. It’s used in detergent formulations to help remove such stains as perspiration, blood, feces, starch, fruit jam, fat, grass, ice cream and various food proteinaceous dirts, such as meat. Soup, milk stains, etc. Kleenzyme complex enzyme( 6 single enzymes) is able to work at low temperature and (20-65℃) and wide pH conditions (pH 6-10).


Product Kleenzyme complex enzyme( 6 single enzymes)
Apperance Grey white particles
pH 3-7.5
Activity 235000u/g
Temperature 30 to 65C
Application For detergent powder etc
MOQ 1000kg


1. Proteases

Proteases, particularly “Serine proteases” are commonly used for cleaning protein and dirt stains in both laundry and dishwashing. These include blood stains, egg stains, sweat, milk, and oatmeal stains among others. Proteases work through proteolysis which means they hydrolyze and break the peptide chain bonds of the stain or dirt stuck in fabrics or utensils.

2. Amylases

Amylases are used in enzyme detergent formulation for removing starchy stains. Some examples of starch stains are pasta, rice, potato, baby food, chocolate, and gravy stains. α-amylases are assisted by the gelatinization and swelling of cooked food to remove the starch stains quickly. They also prevent the swollen starch from sticking to crockery and fabric surfaces. Food items include a mix of fat, protein, and starch. Hence a multi-enzyme preparation for effective stain removal is required.

3. Lipases

Fats, grease, and oils repel water and thus are difficult to remove from fabrics. Lipases work by hydrolyzing or breaking down stubborn oil and fat particles(triglycerides) to mono- and diglycerides, free fatty acids, and glycerol. These are hydrophilic products and soluble in alkaline water solutions.

4. Mannanases and Pectinases

Mannanases and pectinases can be used as detergent enzymes that remove fruit and vegetable stains, grass stains, milk product stains, and wine stains. Examples include stains by ketchup, salad dressings, marmalades, juices, yoghurts, milkshakes, mayonnaise, etc. Mannanases and Pectinases break down oligosaccharides and polysaccharides like mannan and pectin present in these food items into simple sugars that can then be washed away with water.

5. Cellulases

Cellulases break down β-1,4-glucosidic bonds present in cellulose in fabrics. It removes the pills and fuzz of cotton fabrics and makes the fabric softer and brighter in colour.



Features and Benefits


Alkaline protease
Laundry detergent enzymes Granule alkaline protease of biological enzymes for stain remover
Alkaline Protease is prepared by submerged fermentation of Bacillus Subtilis followed by purification and formulation. It’s an alkaline serine endo-peptidase.


Protease is capable of degrading protein into soluble peptides and finally amino acids. These small molecular products get solubilized into liquid phase, and in this way the proteinaceous stains are removed.


Application recommendation


Protease can effectively remove sweat stain, blood stains, food protein dirt, cream stain and etc, the detergent contains protease will make fabric get perfect effect after washing.



The recommended dosage is 0.3-1.5%. The product should be mixed with small amount of detergent first before further processing. The optimal dosage has to be adapted to the exact cleaning purpose.



* Efficiently remove of protein stains on clothes
* Reduction in use of caustic soda and sodium tripolyphosphate
* Mild washing condition and less damages to fabrics


Our R & D Capability


Although a relatively young company established in 2005, Vland has quickly become a formidable, innovation-driven enterprisefueled by its highly-trained and specialized team. The group employs 26 Ph.Ds and nearly 300 associates with Master’s degrees.

Vland has been granted 232 patents by the China National Intellectual Property Administration, as well as a dozens of patents from American, European and other international intellectual property authorities.
Packing & Delivery
Cost-effective complex detergent granular enzymes for washing powder production 0

Q1. How does your factory control quality?

All the raw material purchasing and production quality control are strictly following the ISO9001: 2008 management system. Besides, the full-featured detection equipment and GMP quality management system to provide the strongest guarantee for high quality product. We can provide our customers the detailed test report for the quality evaluation before the sample.


Q2. What's your main markets?

North America, Europe, Asia, etc.


Q3. What is your delivery term and delivery period?

We accept FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you. The sample within 5 days, and bulk order within 7 days.


Q4. What is your package?

Powder: 1kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 35kg/drum

Liquid: 30kg/drum, 1125kg/tote


Q5. What is the payment term?

T/T, Western Union or L/C


Contact Details
Charlotte Pan

Phone Number : +8618616397155

WhatsApp : +8618616397155