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Replacement For Tetra-Acetyl Ethylenediammine (TAED), Activator For Percarbonate

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KDN
Model Number: Ecomagic FabriCat
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000kg
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 35kg/drum
Delivery Time: 14 days
Supply Ability: 1000 mt
Other Names: Detergent Enzymes Apperance: Granular
Bulk Density: 700 - 900 G/L Classification: Activator For Percarbonate
Sample: Availiable Temperature Range: 25℃-65℃
Efficacy: Producing Detergent Powder, Liquid Ph Level: Neutral
Compatibility: Compatible With Most Detergents Biodegradable: Yes
Shelf Life: 12 Months Feature: Environmentally Friendly

Product Description:

Replacement For Tetra-Acetyl Ethylenediammine (TAED), Activator For Percarbonate for use in laundry detergents

Form: Granulaer

Country Of Origin: China

Main Function: Replacement For Tetra-Acetyl Ethylenediammine (TAED), Activator For Percarbonate


TAED stands as the prevalent and widely utilized bleach activator within percarbonate technology. It is accessible from numerous suppliers, offers cost-effectiveness, boasts established stabilization techniques, and seamlessly integrates into laundry detergent formulations. Notably, it exhibits robust efficacy as a stain remover. Nevertheless, recognized constraints persist, chiefly tied to its suboptimal dissolution characteristics. In certain instances, this drawback renders it incompatible with select fabric types, potentially leading to damage. Furthermore, TEAD demonstrates restricted reactivity with hydrogen peroxide in low-temperature settings, resulting in diminished efficiency—particularly evident in brief and cold wash cycles, compounded by the aforementioned dissolution issue.


Ecomagic™ FabriCat is an extremely active oxidation catalyst that works in combination with percarbonate to effectively bleach a variety of substrates. It shows enhanced bleaching effects than TAED without causing additional fiber damage at temperatures as low as 30° C. Ecomagic FabriCat can be applied to low-temperature fabric bleaching in home laundry and I&I laundry to replace TAED.


Ecomagic™ FabriCat is alternative for TAED with significantly enhanced solubility and reactivity profiles, comparable stain removal performance, cost-effectiveness. This upgraded variant of TAED has been engineered to address the dissolution challenges encountered with traditional TAED formulations. Its improved solubility ensures more efficient activation of peroxide-based bleaching agents, leading to enhanced stain removal efficacy across various wash conditions.


Furthermore, Ecomagic™ FabriCat maintains cost competitiveness and environmental sustainability, aligning closely with the benchmarks set by TAED. Its compatibility with existing detergent formulations allows for seamless substitution, offering manufacturers and consumers alike a viable alternative without compromising on performance or environmental considerations.



  1. Enables efficient stain bleaching at temperatures as low as 30 C
  2. Works on a broad range of stains including black tea, red wine and coffee, etc.
  3. Causes no fabric damage
  4. Stable in strongly alkaline solutions



Customized Service for Ecomagic™ FabriCat

Brand Name: KDN

Model Number: Ecomagic™ FabriCat

Place of Origin: China

Type: Ganular

Free Sample: Available

Solubility: Soluble In Water


At KDN, we offer a customized service for our powerful Ecomagic™ FabriCat. We can customize the concentration as per your requirement. 

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping Ecomagic™ FabriCat

Ecomagic™ FabriCat is packaged in a sturdy plastic container with a secure lid to prevent any leakage during shipping. The container is labeled with the product name, weight, and ingredients for easy identification.

Our Detergent Enzyme is shipped in a protective box to ensure safe delivery. The box is marked with the appropriate handling instructions and product information. We take great care in packaging our product to prevent any damage during transportation.

For domestic shipments, we use reliable courier services that offer tracking and delivery confirmation. International shipments are handled by trusted shipping companies that provide efficient and timely delivery.

Our standard shipping time is 3-5 business days for domestic orders and 7-10 business days for international orders. However, expedited shipping options are also available for an additional cost.

We strive to reduce our environmental impact, and therefore, we use eco-friendly packaging materials whenever possible. Our packaging is also recyclable and can be reused for other purposes.

Thank you for choosing Detergent Enzyme. We hope you enjoy our product and the convenience of our packaging and shipping methods.



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